Proper care following your procedure is important and required to achieve optimum results. PLEASE BE PATIENT, EVERYBODY HEALS DIFFERENTLY. Keep in mind that some intensity of color will be lost, and/or the color may heal unevenly. This is normal for some procedures, especially after the initial application. This is the reason for the follow up appointment- to fill in any light areas, to go a little darker or thicker if desired, and to adjust shape or color if needed. Please read and follow the directions provided.

- Some tenderness, puffiness (even bruising), redness and itching can be normal for the tattoo healing process.

- DO NOT PICK, PEEL OR SCRATCH the treated area as this could result in pigment loss, scarring and secondary infection.

- Always wash your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds before washing or applying aftercare ointment to your procedure.

- Absolutely no topical makeup not the healing procedure(s) until the peeling/flaking phase has finished. Topical makeup may have bacteria and your new procedure (s) need adequate to heal to avoid irritation and/ or infection. You may apply new makeup on the tattoo once the are finished peeling/ flaking. No facials or skincare treatments for a minimum of two weeks.

- During the healing process DO NOT expose your new tattoo to direct sun, chemicals, hot tubs, saunas, direct shower spray, hot water, salt water, chlorinated pools, lakes, or ponds.

- Absolutely no pet grooming, gardening, dusting, or anything that creates dust, dirt and dander for a minimum of 72 hours. Direct sun exposure and tanning beds should be avoided indefinitely as both are damaging to the ski and both degrade color at a rapid pace.

- Please avoid exercise for at least 5 days.

- I will provide you with a fresh packet of healing ointment. Although it is important to use this ointment, using it excessively can starve the skin of air and result in pigment loss during the healing process. Use just enough to moisten your tattoo. A most but breathable barrier is key. Allergic reaction is extremely rare but possible. If you notice any bumps, rash or you think you may be having a reaction, stop using the ointment immediately, cleanse the area and call me.


Use a mild cleanser on and around the procedure area using a very light touch to cleanse twice a day for 7-10 days . DO NOT use any cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic or AHA) or any exfoliating ingredients. Anti- aging and acne products are NOT safe. Johnson’s Baby Wash and Dial Antibacterial soap are good choices. Foam up the soap in your hands then use that foam to gently cleanse your tattoo. Rinse well. Gently blot dry with a paper towel. Wait 5-10 minutes before applying healing ointment to be sure all moisture has evaporated. Never put ointment on a damp or wet tattoo. Showering- Do not take an exceptionally hot shower and keep doorways open as to not cause a steam effect. Keep you face/procedure out of the water while you finish your shower routine. Do not let the shower spray hit you directly in the face. Save your procedure cleansing routine for very last.